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Is the Soap Acidic or Alkaline?

Soap is a necessity in people’s daily lives. Its main raw materials are oils and alkalis. Auxiliary materials are spices, colorants, medicines, salt, and some water. Soap is the main detergent and an important material in the textile industry, metal processing industry and medicine. Is the soap acidic or alkaline? Soap is now neutral, alkaline […]

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The Magic of Soap

Many people like to use soap or handmade soap as a gift. There are piles of soap that can’t be used at home. Is there any other use besides cleaning? Chen Yingru, a family affair, said that soap can be used as a lubricant, a fragrance, and a lot of uses. Fragmented soap can also […]

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Pretreatment of Soap Raw Materials

As the user’s requirements for the quality of soap are improved, the quality requirements for oils and fats in production are also relatively strict, especially for the manufacture of soap and oil, the quality requirements have exceeded the level of edible oil. In natural animal and plant oils, in addition to fatty acid glycerides, they […]

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Classification of Toilet Soap

Toilet soap is an essential cleaning care product in daily life. It is made from fatty acid sodium and other surfactants, and is added with a quality improver and an appearance improver. Generally, toilet soap can be divided into seven categories: General toilet soap The perfume pigment and white soap are ground into various shapes […]

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9 Wonderful Uses of Soap

The main ingredient of soap is sodium stearate. Many people only know that soap has the effect of washing. In fact, soap not only has the effect of washing, but also has many other uses. The following magical methods of soap are introduced to everyone. 1. Smear a new aluminum pan Soak the bottom of the […]

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Stainless Steel Soap

The principle of stainless steel soap deodorization is basically decomposed. When the stainless steel alloy is in contact with air and water molecules at the same time, a catalytic action is generated, and the molecular structure of the odor is decomposed and “reduced” into an odorless state. The stainless steel material is rubbed against the […]

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