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9 Wonderful Uses of Soap

The main ingredient of soap is sodium stearate. Many people only know that soap has the effect of washing. In fact, soap not only has the effect of washing, but also has many other uses. The following magical methods of soap are introduced to everyone.

1. Smear a new aluminum pan

Soak the bottom of the newly bought aluminum pan with soap, so it is very easy to clean the black spots on the aluminum pan later.

2. Soap removes mold to prevent insects

Put soap or soap in the furniture or in the suitcase, not only can effectively remove the musty, but also prevent insects.

3. Soap cleaning trash can

After using the trash can for a period of time, there will be an unpleasant smell inside. If you wash the trash can with soapy water or soapy water, clean it and then sprinkle some baking soda, so that the odor in the trash can be successfully eliminated.

4. Soap stickers wallpaper

When decorating a house, if you need to affix a wallpaper, you can come to him with a little innovation: add some soap to the paste, so it is much easier to paste the wallpaper, and the wallpaper will be more solid.

5. Soap pain relief

If you are burnt by water or fire, you can immediately apply some soap to the wound, which can have an analgesic effect.

6. Soap gas leak

If the gas pipe in your home leaks, immediately use the wet soap to hold the leak, so that the gas will not leak, and it will bring time for repair.

7. Soap can be lubricated

Nowadays, many homes like to decorate with blinds, but the blinds are difficult to pull after a period of time. Just apply some soap to the drawbar or drawstring and pull it back and forth a few times to make it easier.

8. Soap wash brush

Brushes that are brushed over the wall are difficult to clean. If you soak the brush in soapy water for a while, it is very easy to clean.

9. Soap makes the knife sharper

Usually, household knives are difficult to cut rubber or leather. As long as you apply some soap to the blade, it will be much easier to cut.