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bar soap making machine

bar soap making machine for sale

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hot sell laundry bar soap making machine

1) Specially used for 50 -180g soaps 2) Max Output:1200kg/hour 3) Easy to operation and maintainance.
Large scale hotel, household, travel toilet soap production line includes soap mixer,soap grinder,soap plodder,soap stamper and packing machine.
1) S125A Toilet Soap Stirring Mill
1.Function:S125A Toilet Soap stirring Mill is used to stir the soap flakes in the process of producing toilet soap. Being simple structure and durable in life, the parts that are directly involved in the production are made of high quality stainless steel.

We combine the kneading, milling, grinding, extrusion, and stamping skillfully by the way of height differences and equipment locations. This way can omit some accessorial parts and reduces the occupying area and energy consumption. The plodder is single welding worm, has auto-exhaust air device. the pressure of head of plodder is more higher. The worm of plodder length/ diameter ratio is 4.5.The flavor can’t be volatilized easily, no powder produced. This series machines is with long service life and can be operated simply. Using these machines is the optimum way to produce the soap with small capacity.

This series machines have many patent technologies and all parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI 304. The main parts, like speed reducer, electrical control, axletree etc. are made in German. The machines can continuously work for 24 hours.

Our machine is a multi-functional designed, and they can produce the laundry soap, toilet soap, translucent soap etc. They are also suitable to produce pilot soap, hotel soap and perfume soap.