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Soap Double-Layer Double-Screw Vacuum Plodder

  Features Vacuum Plodder is used to grind, refine and press soap material into soap bar. The above and below screws and two orifice plates press and refine the soap material and make the soap bar tight and the surface bright. The below screw’s speed is adjustable to regulate the production capacity. The vacuum pump […]

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Soap Three-Roller Mill Machine

  Features Three rollers in a horizontal direction grind materials twice by different speed, fineness of grind is 3-18 um. The roller is made of high quality alloy, the circulating water in the roller lower the machine’s temperature. It’s used to mix soap noodle and other additives sufficiently, make the soap structure tight and improve […]

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Soap Vacuum Spray Dryer

  Features The vacuum spray dryer is used to dry the soap materials from liquid to solid rapidly and evenly. The whole vacuum drying system can control the fatty acid content of soap noodles and soaps. Adopt hard tooth surface gear reducer and the oil pump inside lubricates automatically and makes a long lifespan. The […]

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Soap Noodle Mixing Agitator Machine

  Features Mixing agitator is used to mix soap noodle and other additives sufficiently. Adopt famous brand geared motor made in China, long life-span. Technical Data Technical Parameters: Material: Carbon steel/Barrel and blender are SS 304; Capacity: 100/150/200/300 kg/batch; Mixing time: 5-10 min; Blender: half-spiral; Power: 5.5/7.5/15 kW, 380 V, 50 HZ. Application Soap Noodle […]

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Soap Noodle Extruder Equipment

  Features Double-Screw Pelletizer is used to press vacuum-dried soap materials to soap noodles. Long double screws turn inward to drive materials to extrude soap noodles through pore plates and cut into granules. The size of soap noodles can be designed by the user’s requirements.The jacket of the barrel is connected to a circulating source.The […]

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