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Classification of Toilet Soap

Toilet soap is an essential cleaning care product in daily life. It is made from fatty acid sodium and other surfactants, and is added with a quality improver and an appearance improver. Generally, toilet soap can be divided into seven categories:

General toilet soap

The perfume pigment and white soap are ground into various shapes after being ground, which is the most economical one, and has a good effect on general cleaning and degreasing.

Fine grinded toilet soap

Also known as “French toilet soap”, it has a low alkalinity and is made into a solid soap after repeated grinding. This soap is of course more expensive. Because it is more stable and thinner, it is often used as a face wash.

Floating toilet soap

It is a soap with a slightly higher humidity and no grinding. It is easy to contain air when used. It is easy to float on the surface of the water. The cleaning effect is not bad but it is difficult to maintain the humidity. It is easy to change and discolor after storage. It should be used fresh.

Oily toilet soap

When grinding, a high concentration of oil is added, and a layer of oil is formed on the surface of the skin during washing. It is preferred to use a dry skin, but the washing effect is slightly poor. Because it is often used on babies, it is also called baby soap.

Transparent toilet soap

Contains more than 10% glycerin and some vegetable oils. It feels slippery after use. It is very similar to oily soap and is often used by people who wash their face or dry skin.

Special form toilet soap

For liquid, gelatinous, or medical use, add fungicides, scrubs, drugs, deodorants, etc., as needed, including olive oil and sodium hydroxide. The cleaning liquid and emulsion produced by the cosmetics company are not liquid soaps, but emulsions or creams containing emulsifiers, mainly used to remove finished products designed by special cosmetics.

Portable toilet soap

A very popular soap in recent years, mainly made from plant essential oils.



  1. Although the soap base content of the new facial cleansing soap is greatly reduced, due to the particularity of the soap, occasionally it will be useful to feel tight after tightening. However, because the skin has self-regulating ability, usually after half an hour, the sebum secretion is uniform, and the discomfort will disappear automatically. This is a normal metabolic process of the skin, so there is no need to be overly nervous.
  2. In order to minimize the stimulation, it is best to apply the foam on the face instead of using the soap directly on the face. In addition, the time the foam stays on the face is best controlled within one minute, then rinsed off with cool water, and the lotion is used in time for further cleaning and nourishment.
  3. Use a soap box with a leaky tank to place the soap to avoid water soaking, resulting in unnecessary waste.
  4. If the soap becomes soft, it may be caused by excessive humidity in the room, causing the gradual melting of some components in the soap, so it is only necessary to put it in normal room temperature.