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Cold Process Soap Making Kit

Below is a list of each cold process soap making kit available at soap-making-resource.com. Be sure to click on the individual recipe links to view the full recipe tutorials…

Easy Soap Recipe Kit
Easy Soap Recipe Kit
This kit is perfect for the first time cold process soap maker! It doesn’t get any easier then this simple 3 oil recipe. It’s the perfect place to start for the soap making beginner to get the process down. The kit will include 32 ounces of olive oil, 1.5 pounds of coconut oil and 13.5 ounces of palm oil RBD. Don’t forget to pick up the 5lb wooden soap mold or 5lb acrylic soap mold that will work perfectly with this and all the soap making kits available at Soap Making Resource!

If you want to take this easy soap recipe to the next level by adding your own fragrance blend, feel free to browse our selection of more then 40 therapeutic grade 100% natural essential oils.