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exciting soap making kits

Soap Making Kits
A large variety of very fun and exciting soap making kits are now available at soap-making-resource.com. We thought these soap kits would be a great addition to our product line for those who want to follow along step by step with a tried and true recipe when creating their homemade bath and beauty products.

Soap Making Kits
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These soap making kits are perfect for the novice soap maker and can surely be a blast for the soap making expert as well!

In addition to soap kits, we will also be including other bath and beauty kits like body butter kits, lotion kits, clay mask kits and a ton more. Check back often and watch this section grow!

Of course each soap making kit comes complete with more than enough ingredients needed to make your batch and detailed written formulation instructions. Your bath and beauty project will certainly be a success! The only ingredients not included in the kits are distilled water and of course lye, which is needed only for the cold or hot process recipes.

Just so you know, distilled water can be purchased at your local grocery store and lye, in many states, can be picked up locally. For each cold process soap making kit that does call for lye, I provide my personal contact information to my favorite supplier source. They will ship anywhere in the country, so it won’t be a problem to acquire lye very easily and inexpensively! The contact information for my lye source alone is truly a great value I think!
As you know, Soap Making Resource supplies ingredients for soap making both in bulk and retail sizes. So, once you are ready to formulate your own recipe, or if you want to complete one of your soap making kits a second time, you can always purchase the individual ingredients you need right here!

Also, don’t forget to click on the full recipe link beneath each kit description and read all about how to create that particular bath product. The full and very detailed recipe tutorials that accompany each of the soap making kits are chalk full of great soap making tips and fun soapy pictures. Be sure to check them out! I think you will love them!