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How to choose detergent when washing clothes?

At present, there are many kinds of detergents on the market, such as laundry detergent, washing powder, laundry soap, soap powder and so on. Some housewives feel very tangled when washing clothes, and do not know which detergent to choose. The author believes that it is necessary to be familiar with the characteristics of various detergents and to choose the appropriate detergent according to the material and pollution degree of the clothes to be washed, in order to reduce the stimulation of many human bodies and achieve the best washing effect.

1. The laundry liquid is liquid and has the following advantages. The high-concentration liquid formula easily dissolves into the clothing fibers, rapidly disintegrates the stains, contains high-efficiency cleansing factors and decontamination synergistic factors, and the anti-stains adhere to the clothes again to avoid secondary pollution;Mild, protective clothing fiber and color, no stimulation on the skin of the opponent; fast dissolution, 100% dissolution; easy to rinse, no residue; rich in flavor, diverse choices; safe and environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly; sealed design, convenient storage and can make clothes last extended, the pH of the laundry liquid is neutral, and the formula should be milder. The liquidity of the laundry liquid is strong, suitable for cleaning soft clothes and neckline, cuffs, sweaters, down jackets, etc.

2. The washing powder is solid powder, which has strong detergency and low cost. However, there are deficiencies, the washing powder is not easy to dissolve, it needs to be stirred and waited, it can not be 100% dissolved; the alkali is strong, the hands are hot when contacted, the hands are burned when washing, the clothing fibers are injured; it is not easy to rinse, at least 3 times of water; inconvenient to store, Moistened knot; suitable for cleaning jeans, heavy-duty jackets, heavy curtains, sofa covers, etc.

3. Laundry soap has strong detergency, easy to rinse, low cost, but it is difficult to dissolve. It needs to be wetted before use and then applied; it is strong in alkali, dry after washing; it is not convenient to store. Suitable for cleaning towels, close-fitting sheets, etc.

4. Soap powder has low irritation to the skin, protects the fabric, prolongs the service life of the garment and does not fade after washing, keeps the clothes bright and new, and the washed clothes are fluffy and soft without using a softener, and the fabric is washed with synthetic washing powder.”Fouling” precipitation, “hardening”, “static” and other issues. Since the special calcium soap dispersing agent is added to the soap powder, the detergency is stronger, 1.3 to 1.5 times that of the ordinary washing powder, and the fragrance remains after washing the fabric. It also does not require water like soap, and it still exhibits excellent washing performance even in low temperatures and high hardness water. Soap powder is easy to rinse and is suitable for washing clothes, baby clothes, and diapers.