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Is the Soap Acidic or Alkaline?

Soap is a necessity in people’s daily lives. Its main raw materials are oils and alkalis. Auxiliary materials are spices, colorants, medicines, salt, and some water. Soap is the main detergent and an important material in the textile industry, metal processing industry and medicine.

Is the soap acidic or alkaline?

Soap is now neutral, alkaline and acidic. Generally speaking, soaps for washing clothes are alkaline. Alkaline soaps have strong decontamination ability. Neutral soaps are less irritating to human skin. The acidic soap has a slightly detergency, but it has a certain skin care effect.

There are many types of soaps, which can be broadly classified into two types: alkali metal soaps and metal soaps. Alkali metal soap can be dissolved in water, that is, general laundry soap and toilet soap. Metal soap is insoluble in water and can only be used as an industrial soap.

Descaling principle of soap

Most of the dirt comes from dust in the air, soot, mineral oil, various animal and vegetable oils, and fatty sweats secreted by the human body. These substances are mixed together and adhere to the human body and clothing to form dirt.

Most of the dirt is insoluble in water, and it is difficult to wash with water. It can only be washed with soap. Because the soap dissolves in water, as a result of the movement of the soap molecules in the water, it forms a more remarkable surface activity and adsorption property, so as to infiltrate between the dirt, the sludge and the laundry, and the dirt is discharged from the fabric fiber to become tiny. Bit by bit. These droplets, which are emulsified by the soap solution, are present in the solution because the emulsification of the soap liquid prevents the accumulation and redeposition of the soil onto the fabric. Therefore, after the blistering, the dirt will be surrounded by the foam adsorption layer of the soap, and after being rinsed, it will be washed away by the water together with the foam, thereby achieving the purpose of removing the dirt.