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molded spring soap flowers

Now that your soap is rolled out? flip it over each time to avoid the soap sticking to your work surface and strive to get as much as you can rolled each time. Avoid overusing the cornstarch, but practice and find out what works for you. You will not break your soap if you use too much cornstarch – you will simply add to your understanding. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes; be fearless in your experimenting. This is a place where you can have as much fun as your imagination will allow.
Remember fear keeps imagination at bay. Once you have rolled your molding soap into a flat layer, use your plunger cutter. Press your plunger into the dough and push the plunger to remove the flower. If it begins to stick, dust your plunger with
cornstarch or wipe it off with a paper towel. You now have a few flowers cut out. Next, roll tiny little balls and press them into the centers of your flowers.

You now have unique flowers without a mold!

If you want to take it further, use an oval plunger and cut out each petal. Make as many petals as you like and stick the ends together in the center, then add your rolled ball of pollen in the center Place on a paper towel to allow to dry. To remove the dusting of cornstarch, just spray with 91 % alcohol and rub with your finger or a clean paint brush. To make these even more personal, use alcohol and mix it with a bit of soap mica and paint the flower petals to add shimmer and detail. The variations of these little flowers are truly endless, and all this for the cost of a few fondant plungers!