Product Description

The toilet soap stamping machine is used to cut, shape and print the soap bar extruding from the former machine vacuum plodder.
The stamping machine can produce round, oval, and quadrate soaps. 3 pieces/ time. Connecting with a refrigerator to the stamping machine’s mould, the soap is easily to demould. The surface of soap is smooth, the logo is neat and good-looking.

Mark & model : Features of XDA-2000 toilet soap stamping machine: It would stamp three pieces of soap every time. It can stamp various kinds of end soaps with different sizes, shapes and weights; it would make elegant logo printing, smooth appearance and beautiful shapes.
Quality standard : International
H.S.Classification: Machinery & Electronics Machinery for Sorting & Thereof 8479 Machines and mech. appliances having individual functions nesoi, parts thereof

Product Parameters

Technical Parameters:
Type: XDA-2000;
Capacity: 60-70 pcs/min, 3 pcs/mould
Output: 1500-2000 kg/hr;
Spec of soap: 10-300 g;
Motor: 3.5 kW;
Mould: One set, made of copper, circulate refrigerant;
Dimension: 1200×600×1600 mm;
Weight: 200 kg.

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