Product Description

The toilet soap stamping machine is used to cut, shape and print the soap bar extruding from the former machine vacuum plodder. It uses crank-link mechanism instead of worm-wheel, which eliminates vibration and improves productivity, increases the productive capacity and prolongs the life-span.
The stamping machine can produce round, oval, and quadrate soaps. Connecting with a refrigerator to the stamping machine’s mould, the soap is easily to demould. The surface of soap is smooth, the logo is neat and good-looking.

Mark & model : Features of XDA-120 toilet soap stamping machine: It can stamp various kinds of end soaps with different sizes, shapes and weights; it would make elegant logo printing, smooth appearance and beautiful shapes.
Quality standard : International
H.S.Classification : Machinery & Electronics Machinery for Sorting & Thereof 8479 Machines and mech. appliances having individual functions nesoi, parts thereof

Product Parameters

Type: XDA-120;
Capacity: 80-120 pcs/min, 1-2 pcs/mould;
Spec of soap: 10-250 g;
Mould: One set, made of copper, circulate refrigerant;
Motor: YCT160-4B, 3 kW;
Dimension: 3560 x 1410 x 1135 mm;
Weight: 1750 kg.

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