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Product Parameters

1. Hopper for charging machine 2.Chain drive 3.Bracket for charging machine 4. Chain drive 5. Travel switch 6. Driving motor
7.Gear box 8.Control box 1 9. Driving motor 10.Gear box 11.Hopper for washing powder machine 12.Washing powder making machine
13.Rack (working platform) 14.Vibration buffer hopper 15.Semi-finished product conveyor 16.Bracket for semi-finished product conveyor 17.Hopper for granulator 18.Granulator
19.Finished-product conveyor bracket 20.Finished-product conveyor 21.Control box 2 22.Storage tank 23.Rack (working platform) 24.Vibration buffer hopper
25.Solenoid valve 26.Hopper for weighing and packing machine 27.Control box for weighing and packing machine 28.Weighing and packing machine 29.Working platform 30.Sealing machine

Product Parameters

Voltage 220V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 2.2KW
Capacity 100kg/h
Overall size 1470×925×1570mm
Machine configuration Double-roller&diverse-velocity shearing device,double-roller high speed mixer,gear box,motor,time relay,half-moon gear wheel,control box,manual 180 degrees bucket-tipping device
Function It is multi-functional,capable of producing detergents shaped in powder and granule,such as washing/detergent powder,stain remover,soap powder,bleach powder,washing paste and so on

Product Details

With only one machine, all the following products can be produced?

1 Domestic washing powder 7 Chlorine bleaching washing powder
2 Industrial washing powder 8 Tableware soak powder
3 Soap powder 9 Hand washing powder
4 Stain remover 10 Disinfectant powder
5 Oxygen bleaching washing powder 11 Perfume powder
6 Colour bleaching laundry powder 12 Rust remover

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