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Soap Molds


These soap molds are Custom Made to your specifications and are designed to work with the…
Willow Way Manual Soap Cutter™.

Made to last from tough, high density plastic.

They are easy to clean.

No maintenance.

Easy to disassemble and de-mold.

Double celled – to allow for the pouring of two blocks of soap at the same time.

Pro Soap Mold capacity is dependent on the choice of bar size. We try to design around an average 40 lb (18.2 kg) weight per side. Pour weight and block size is personalized to your needs and bar size. As an example a 40 lb (18.2 kg) pour weight, will yield about 160, 4 ounce (100 gram) bars. Please note that this bar weight is not cured weight. For the entire mold (two cells) this would be 320 bars.

Better saponification is achieved in these large molds due to the even sustained temperatures in completing the conversion of oils to glycerin.

Lining and greasing recommended.
Please Note:
We can supply a superb liner paper made especially for our molds and mold sizes. For very large production capacities over 40,000 bars per month, we can make pre-cut sizes based on your mold design.

Made from 3/4” (1.9cm) HDPE plastic.

Dimensions are dependent on final design.

Ideal range of pour weights are 35 to 40 lbs (16 to 18 kilos).

Two cells per mold.

Can be shipped FedEx or UPS.
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