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How harmful is the detergent to the environment

Detergent powder is mainly composed of surfactant and detergent. The role of the additive is to improve the detergency of the surfactant. It is divided into two types: phosphorous assistant and phosphorus-free assistant. The laundry powder is divided into phosphorus-containing laundry powder and phosphorus-free laundry powder. Phosphorus-containing laundry powder uses phosphate as the main auxiliary […]

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XJ600-2 Detergent Powder Production Line

Voltage 380V Frequency 50Hz Power 13.25KW Capacity 500kg/h Overall size 7000*4600*3500mm Machine configuration Powder material charging machine,washing powder making machine,double-roller&diverse-velocity shearing device,180 degrees automatic bucket-tipping device,automatic controlling sensor,semi-finished product conveyor,KL double-roller granulator,washing powder machine bracket,buffer hopper for washing powder machine,granulator buffer hopper,automatic control box,working platform,granulator bracket Function It is multi-functional,capable of producing detergents shaped in […]

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