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The difference between laundry soap and toilet soap

Toilet Soap and laundry soap belong to the same soap category. To say the difference between toilet soap and laundry soap, the main thing is that toilet soap is more fragrant. In life,toilet soap is generally used to clean people’s skin, while laundry soap is mainly used to clean people’s clothes and shoes. So its main use is different. Compared with laundry soap, toilet soap has less irritating effect on human skin.
The difference between laundry soap and toilet soap
Generally speaking, there is no difference. They are all soap alkaline decontamination products, which can wash hands. But attention:
1. Toilet Soap will add ingredients beneficial to the skin, such as antibacterial, deep cleaning, protection, moisturizing, etc., and some of them can play the role of lubrication after cleaning. This is what ordinary soap doesn’t have.
2. Toilet Soap is specially designed for the skin, generally considering the acceptability of the skin, so it has little damage to the skin, while the soap is used for washing clothes, which focuses on the decontamination of clothes, and I don’t need to say the difference between clothes and skin.
3. The decontamination ability of toilet soap to the skin is better than that of laundry soap, because all formulas take the nature of skin into account, while laundry soap can clean clothes, but it does not have the permeability and absorption of effective ingredients of soap.

Toilet Soap: the composition of soap is not much different from that of soap, mainly depending on where it is used. Toilet Soap is usually used for washing, bathing, and washing hands. The production of soap is rather complicated. We can usually hear additives such as coconut oil, butter and so on. At the same time, the production will also be decolorizing and deodorizing, adding flavors to make the scent smell.

Laundry soap: the main ingredient is stearic acid metal salt, which is used as a surfactant to make oil into liquid drops and suspend in water. At the same time, there are some fillers, such as water glass, which can make soap have certain hardness and more delicate. Washing soap is much simpler to make. From the perspective of cleaning, soap is stronger than soap, but its irritation is much greater than soap. Therefore, soap is basically used for washing clothes, shoes, etc.