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The Magic of Soap

Many people like to use soap or handmade soap as a gift. There are piles of soap that can’t be used at home. Is there any other use besides cleaning? Chen Yingru, a family affair, said that soap can be used as a lubricant, a fragrance, and a lot of uses. Fragmented soap can also be collected and reused, which is convenient and not wasteful. The following can make the best use of soap.

Shoe shine

Newly bought shoes may be scratched and uncomfortable. You can use dry soap to apply a few times on the easily scratched feet to reduce friction and discomfort.

Smooth the cavity

There are traces left by the pushpins on the wall, which can be applied back and forth several times with dry soap. Finishing is almost impossible to see the pit marks.


Apply dry soap to the glass or mirror, then wipe it off with a dry cloth to make the glass and mirror bright, and the soap can fill the tiny pores on the mirror surface, and the mirror is less prone to fog.

Apply itching

The skin is bitten by mosquitoes, and the soap is soaked in water to relieve itching. Xu Erlie, a professor at the Department of Insects at National Taiwan University, said that soapy water can divert attention, reduce the feeling of itching, and wash hands by the way, avoiding the infection caused by dirt when scratching the skin.


The soap is cut into silk, and it is packed into a scented bag with a mesh bag. The contact area of the soap silk is increased, and the aroma can be released more than the whole piece, and can be placed in the cabinet; the scent can be directly washed after the scent is faded.

Soap is more soluble and easy to collect after being shredded into soap, and it is more convenient to use according to the dosage.

Easy paint wash

Before using acrylic paint or paint, dry the soap on your hands. The soap will form a protective film. When the hand is stained with paint, it is easier to clean directly with water.

Wet wipes

Crystal soap sliced or grater, dissolved in hot water, cut into a sheet of cloth into the soapy water, wipe the oil on a wet paper towel, and then wipe it with a damp cloth.

Hand washing

Put the broken soap into the empty bottle of the hand lotion, shake the bottle slightly after adding water, let the soap dissolve completely, then use it as a hand lotion.

Bagging and washing

When crystal soap or soap without added perfume is packed in a mesh bag, it can be used for dishwashing. The mesh bag helps the soap to foam quickly and is better to hold, which is more convenient for cleaning.

Soap is not suitable for dishwashing because of the addition of perfume ingredients, so as to avoid the residue of spices and ingestion.

Clear nail stitching

The gap between the nails is easy to get dirty, the fingers are scraped a few times on the surface of the dried soap, and the white soap is scraped into the nails. After washing with water, the dirt in the nails can be washed away.

Decontamination powder

The crystal soap is ground into fine particles or powder, and mixed with baking soda powder in a ratio of 4:1 to form a strong decontamination powder, which can be brushed, such as the bottom of the faucet.

Heating shaping

Fragmented soap is softened with hot water, heated in a microwave oven for about 20 seconds, stirred and reshaped, and then cooled and shaped into a large piece of soap for convenient use.

When the soap is heated, be careful not to heat it for too long, so as to prevent the soap from overheating and overflowing. Pay attention to the heat when shaping. If it is hot, wait a little cold and then pinch it, or shape it with a mold to avoid burns.

Soap water can be used to kill cockroaches. Because soap contains emulsifier and sneeze directly, it can block the breathing holes in the sputum and let the suffocation die. It is safer than using chemical insecticides.