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The Main Ingredients of Shampoo

Do you know the main ingredients of shampoo? In general, the shampoo contains the following ingredients:

  1. Water.
    This basic ingredient is up to 80 percent in a bottle of shampoo. Without enough water, the bubbling liquid cannot be poured out of the bottle.
  1. The foaming agent
    Ingredients such as cocoanut amide and cocoanut amide propyl betaine can produce rich foams. These bubbles complete the whole hair-washing experience. Can enhance cleaning ability.
  1.  Surfactant.
    It’s also a detergent. It plays an important role in shampoo. It dissolves the oil and dirt around it. Ingredients such as ammonium dodecyl sulfate and ammonium dodecyl sulfate are more acceptable to sensitive scalps than sodium dodecyl sulfate. Rumor has it that these chemicals cause cancer, which is nonsense. Although surfactants are irritating, the concentration of ingredients in the shampoo is not high enough to cause any actual harm. Unless you have sensitive skin, surfactants are not a problem. Most shampoos now contain conditioner, which compensates for the stripping properties of the surfactant.
  2. The silicon resin
    Like dimethyl silicone oil, or anything that ends in the spelling “one.” These polymers can form a thin protective film on the hair, helping it to smooth and shine.
  1. Acidic ingredients
    Your shampoo label says things like sodium citrate or citric acid. These ingredients are added to keep the shampoo at the right PH. The acidic PH interacts with a tiny amount of negative electrical charge in the hair to help keep the hair smooth and smooth.
  1. Panthenol, fatty alcohols and nut oil
    These common additives increase and lock in moisture.
  1. Quaternary ammonium salt
    Much like fabric softener, it forms a layer of fatty conditioner that keeps static out and makes hair easier to care for. You can also thicken the shampoo formula, which makes it easier to pour out.
  2. Urea aldehydes, butyl iodine carbamate, isothiazolinone, and sodium benzoate
    Shampoos have preservatives because many of their ingredients are made from organic ingredients that keep them active and stable for a period of time.