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What are the functions of soap

What are the functions of soap? What we usually know is just washing hands, washing clothes and so on. In fact, its function is far more than these:

  1. Prevent new shoes from grinding feet: we all know that soap feels slippery, so it must have a lubricating effect. Generally, new shoes will grind feet, which is big trouble for many girls wearing high-heeled shoes. Now you can use soap to solve this dilemma. Apply soap to the place where new shoes are easy to grind feet so that the lubricating effect of soap can prevent new shoes from grinding feet.
  2. Cleaning accessories: now, boys and girls will wear accessories to match the clothes, hairstyles or simple decorative functions, but many accessories will change color and turn black when they are taken for a long time, so you need to soak them in soapy water, put the accessories in warm soapy water, and then wipe them with soft cloth, so that they can be bright and clean again.
  3. Eliminate the wrinkle of clothes: we usually hang large clothes directly and fold the small ones in the wardrobe. The folded clothes are easy to wrinkle and affect beauty. How can we use soap to eliminate the wrinkle? You can put soap on the wrinkles and iron them with a layer of tin foil. The wrinkles will disappear.
  4. Prevent the mirror from fogging: the most annoying thing for us to wash and wash in the bathroom is that the mirror is easy to foggy and hard to clean. How to make the mirror without fogging? In fact, it’s really simple. When cleaning the bathroom, it’s OK to add a little soap water into the water for cleaning the mirror.
  5. Lubricate heavy objects: if you need to change a place for them to place large objects such as sofa, table, and chair at home, it is difficult to move. You need the help of more than one person. When you know the lubrication effect of soap, it will be very easy. As long as you apply a layer of soap on the bottom of heavy objects, you can easily move heavy objects. 6. Furniture lubrication: home furniture such as wardrobe, cupboard, drawer, etc. do not need to be opened for a long time or when they are worn out for a long time, not only do they need to be opened, but they will make a sound, so you only need to use soap to lightly smear a layer on the furniture, and these problems will be solved.