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Liquid Soap Making | Profitable Business Idea

Liquid soap making business includes a wide range of processing, packaging and marketing operation. The business also demands extensive market research and marketing strategy. Liquid soap is a consumable item and the demand for it is increasing in rural and urban area both. Total annual soap sale by branded companies is estimated at 14000 tones, […]

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Liquid Soap Making Course

This course is devoted to the skills of creating your own liquid soaps on this hands-on one day workshop. The full hands on workshop with Soap School, is where you will learn to make silky rich moisturising liquid soaps. The experience of making and using a handmade liquid soap is fabulous enough but when you […]

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AN ADVANCED SOAP MAKING TECHNIQUE Is considered an advanced soap making, technique. When making liquid soap it is helpful to have already mastered the cold process method of making soap. The process for making liquid soap and cold process soap are the same until the soaps reach trace. At trace, cold process soap goes into […]

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