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Characteristics of raw base oils for soap production

Coconut oil: strong detergency, foamy, white, hard and dry skin 20% ~ 30%
Palm oil: mild, good detergency, no foam, hard, 20% ~ 30% (if there is soybean oil, sunflower oil, canola oil, grape seed oil, castor oil, etc. in the formula, it can be used with palm oil, finished product Easier to shape.
Sunflower oil: enriches Vitamin E, softens skin and resists aging. Cheap, but with hard oil, otherwise the soap is soft. 15 ~ 20%
Olive oil: Long-lasting foam and delicate milk-like, nourishing suitable for dry hair shampoo and baby soap. Low grade olive oil is suitable for soap.
Soy oil: moisturizes and softens the skin, the foam is long-lasting, soft, and it is cheap, less than 50%.
Castor oil: colorless, thick, foamy, transparent soap, suitable for shampoo, not easy to release. 30%
Canola oil: Foam is stable and moist, soft, 50%
White oil: solid creamy, mild, foam stable, hard. Not expensive. 50%
Grape seed oil: refreshing oil, not dry after washing, suitable for superfatting, soft, not expensive, 20%
Sesame oil: Moisturizing. 10%
Rice bran oil: whitening, anti-aging. 10%
Hemp seed oil: dark green The finished soap is very delicate. Only suitable for superfatting.
Peanut oil: moisturizing, allergic to skin, short shelf life. 20%
Corn oil: mild foam for a long time, cheap and soft. 20 ~ 30%
Sweet almond oil: refreshing, suitable for dry, sensitive skin, moisturizing, long lasting foam, superfatting, short shelf life.
Apricot kernel oil: moisturizing and softening the skin. Suitable for mature and allergic skin. The foam is small and lasting, superfatting.
Beeswax: Add a little to make the soap hard. Less than 6%
Avocado oil: light green (unrefined) or light yellow (refined), nutrient-rich, moisturizing, non-foaming, suitable for infant allergic muscles 30%
Cocoa butter: light chocolate or odorless. hard. Moisturize. 15%
Shea butter: anti-inflammatory, aging, moisturizing. Infants with allergic muscles. Mild and hard. superfatting. 15%
Hazelnut oil: moisturizing and expensive. Moisturize. The shelf life is short, as for the refrigerator. superfatting.
Evening primrose oil: improves skin. expensive. superfatting.
Palm kernel oil: good cleaning power, hard, foamy, can be used instead of coconut oil. 20 ~ 30%.
Jojoba oil: moisturizing, shampoo soap, foam stable, long shelf life. superfatting, 6%
Australian walnut oil: long shelf life and moisturizing. superfatting, 6%
Mango fat: yellow fat, tasteless. Moisturizing. Mild and lather-like. Can be replaced with shea butter. Do base oil 15% superfatting 5%
Wheat germ oil: Vitamin E. It is a good stabilizer in soap and can extend the life of soap. But it is easy to be oxidized and stored in the refrigerator. superfatting 5%
Rosehip oil: expensive. superfatting 5%.
Lard: Rich in foam and snow-white soap. Combine with coconut and palm oil to avoid being too soft. Ineffective in cold water washing. Less than 70%
Shea butter: soapy white, hard, mild, long lasting foam. Not more than 70%.
Others: carrot oil, borage, macadamia, etc.