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Essential oil soap

Essential oil soap is mainly composed of aromatic plant essential oil and soap. Not all plants can produce essential oil. Only those plants with balsam glands can produce essential oil. The distribution of balsam glands in different plants is different, some are on petals, leaves, rhizomes or trunk. After extracting the sachet, it becomes what we call “plant essential oil”. The essential oil contains many different components. Some essential oils, such as rose, can be made up of more than 250 different molecules Essential oils are lipophilic and easily soluble in oils, because the molecular chain of essential oils is usually relatively short, which makes them easily penetrate into the skin and enter the body through abundant capillaries under the subcutaneous fat. Essential oil is composed of some small molecules. These highly volatile substances can enter the body through the nose and respiratory tract, send messages directly to the brain, regulate emotions and physiological functions of the body through the limbic system of the brain. Therefore, in aromatherapy, the essential oil can strengthen the physiological and psychological functions. Each plant essential oil has a chemical structure to determine its fragrance, color, fluidity and the way it and the system operate, which also makes each plant essential oil have a set of special functional characteristics. This essential oil and soap are hand-made to become a very effective essential oil soap.

Main features:

Essential oil soap can dispel acne and moisturize skin. Because soap is used for washing face and bathing, ordinary people will feel too dry. Apart from experiencing the fun of DIY, it seems that it has no advantages. Of course, ordinary soap is better on the visual side, because there is an essential oil, not essence, but also better than ordinary soap. The effect is also good.

The essential oil can be composed of 50-500 different molecules. Under the arrangement of nature, these molecules exist together in perfect proportion, which makes each kind of plant have its own particularity. Therefore, the mysterious effect of essential oil on the human body is extremely broad.

All-natural essential oils have the following main functions:

The smell is fragrant. After the natural fragrance enters the brain through the olfactory nerve, it can stimulate the front lobe of the brain to secrete endorphin and enkephalin, making the Spirit present the most comfortable state, which is the best way to protect the mind. Moreover, different essential oils can be combined with each other to produce their own favorite fragrance, which will not damage the characteristics of essential oil, but make the function of essential oil more powerful.

The essence of essential oil soap can prevent infectious diseases, fight against bacteria, viruses, molds, prevent inflammation, prevent spasm, promote cell metabolism, cell regeneration function, remove the oil secreted on the face skin surface, and control oil, so as to make life better. Some essential oils can regulate endocrine organs, promote hormone secretion, and make the physiological and psychological activities of the human body develop well.