Product Description

Mark & model: Features of toilet soap product line: Various kinds  of end soaps with different sizes,shapes and weights; smooth and no crack surface; elegant logo stamping; many kinds of soaps can be produced from this same line, such as different grades of toilet soaps, hotel soaps, travel soaps, anti-septic soaps, herbal soaps, beauty soaps and other kinds of multi-functional soaps. The toilet soap production line includes: mixer, three-roller mill, vacuum plodder, stamping machine, etc.

Quality standard: International
H.S.Classification: Machinery & Electronics Machinery for Sorting & Thereof 8479 Machines and mech. appliances having individual functions nesoi, parts thereof

The toilet soap production line starting from soap noodles includes: the mixing agitator, three-roller mill, vacuum plodder, toilet soap stamping machine, chiller, conveyors, etc. It is an automated assembly line. Simple operation, high working efficiency, and fewer labors. Only the feeding and the soap-collection need manually operation.

This line can produce toilet soaps and hotel soaps, and stamp logos on the soaps. The soap is not easy to crack, the shape of soap is neat and handsome, the appearance is fine and smooth, the logo is clear and beautiful.

Product Parameters

Capacity: 300-500 kg/hr, 600-1000 kg/hr, 1000-1500 kg/hr.

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