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XJ 600-2 Industrial Detergent Powder line

1.Hopper for charging machine 2.Chain drive 3.Bracket for charging machine 4.Chain drive 5.Travel switch 6.Driving motor
7.Gear box 8.Control box 1 9.Driving motor 10.Gear box 11.Hopper for washing powder machine 12.Washing powder making machine
13.Rack (working platform) 14.Vibration buffer hopper 15.Semi-finished product conveyor 16.Bracket for semi-finished product conveyor 17.Hopper for granulator 18.Granulator


Voltage 380V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 13.25KW
Capacity 500kg/h
Overall size 7000*4600*3500mm
Machine configuration Powder material charging machine,washing powder making machine,double-roller&diverse-velocity shearing device,180 degrees automatic bucket-tipping device,automatic controlling sensor,semi-finished product conveyor,KL double-roller granulator,washing powder machine bracket,buffer hopper for washing powder machine,granulator buffer hopper,automatic control box,working platform,granulator bracket
Function It is multi-functional,capable of producing detergents shaped in powder and granule,such as washing/detergent powder,stain remover,soap powder,bleach powder,washing paste and so on


Product Details

With only one machine, all the following products can be produced?

1 Domestic washing powder 7 Chlorine bleaching washing powder
2 Industrial washing powder 8 Tableware soak powder
3 Soap powder 9 Hand washing powder
4 Stain remover 10 Disinfectant powder
5 Oxygen bleaching washing powder 11 Perfume powder
6 Colour bleaching laundry powder 12 Rust remover