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Duplex Finishing Plodder

Duplex Finishing Plodder
With the time, there has been a great development in the industry and keeping a pace with it makes us one of the advance manufacturers and exporters of Duplex Finishing Plodder. Silicon aluminum warms and contact parts made from stainless steel grade SS-304 make the plodder more durable in quality. The plodders are mainly supplied to soap and detergent making industries for refining at high pressure conditions. In addition to this, the plodder is versatile in functions and thus used for homogenizing and extruding continuous bar of soap. The Duplex Finishing Plodder comprises of two parts, the preliminary one is provided with screens and on the final one with high compression cone.

The Plodders are designed with an Lc/D ratio of 4:1 (length to diameter ratio in the compression zone). This ensures a longer barrel length ensuring a better homogenization of the soap mass. (The old generation Plodders is with Lc/D ratio of 2.5:1 or 3:1)
The Gear Box is of updated design helical type with ground gears.
We can now offer both tangential and non tangential Final Plodders in order to provide flexibility of operation. The drive of the non tangential barrels are from independent drives where by you could regulate and produce different sizes of soap cakes from each barrel feeding a single or two Stampers.
Hinged type “Noodling Head” provides easy handling and minimizes screen change time.
The interconnecting chamber is connected to a dry vacuum pump thus eliminating a messy operation of water ring pumps.
Drive is thorough a Variable frequency Drive to regulate the RPM of the extrusion worm.
The Operating Control panel is mounted on the machine and is duly wired internally which has all the required switch gears including VFD / soft starters for the motors. Thus only an electrical connection needs to be provided for the machine start-up.
The Operating Control Panel can be provided with the indicating instruments to monitor the rpm of the worm, cooling water temperature, soap extrusion pressure, oil temperature at Inter Connecting Chamber & Extrusion Head, Vacuum in Inter Connecting Chamber etc.
Provision for making Liquid – Solid Marbleized Soap , Solid – Solid Marbleized Soap, Dual Tone Soap, Bits Dosed Soap, Post Perfume Dosing System can be incorporated.