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How to choose soap

In daily life, people can’t live without soap. The soap has ordinary laundry soap, various soaps, medicated soaps, and special soaps. The composition of soap is complex and closely related to human skin is the pH value. The pH values of various soaps are different. Ordinary laundry decontamination soap, due to the heavy alkaline ingredients, is very irritating to the skin (especially for infants and young children, the skin is more irritating), not suitable for shampooing, washing, bathing, etc., only suitable for laundry decontamination. Soap, medicated soap, boric acid soap and special soap are low in alkali, medium and acidic, low detergency, not suitable for washing and decontamination, and good for human skin. In short, we have to choose soap scientifically according to different situations.

According to medical experts, the skin of the human body is different from the age, and there are also acid and alkali points. It is also necessary to use soap properly. If the baby’s skin is tender, the sebum secretion is small, the pH value is about 6, for acidic or neutral skin, it is best to use soap that is very irritating, such as baby skin care soap, rose soap and so on. The sebaceous glands of the elderly are less secreted and the skin is dry. It is suitable for medicated soap, borax soap and transparent soap. It can not only cleanse skin, but also play a role in skin health. Adult skin is mostly alkaline, pH value is 4 ~ 5.5, appropriate use of sandalwood, mint, autumn incense and other neutral soap.

In order to keep the youthful beauty, young girls can use pearl soap, jade Buddha cream soap and other high-grade soaps to make the skin white and tender and refreshing. The soap problem of the actor should be determined according to the skin condition of each person. It is generally better to use a weak protective nutrient soap, such as ginseng, phoenix pearl, jade Buddha and other soaps.

Some soaps have some effect on the treatment of diseases. Commonly used Ganoderma lucidum soap has the effect of regulating nerves, enriching nutrition and promoting metabolism. Jieerjing and Kangkang health-care soap have the functions of sterilization, anti-inflammatory, antipruritic, anti-mite, inhibiting body odor, dredging capillaries in the skin, enhancing excretion function and promoting blood circulation. For patients with occupational dermatitis, medicated soap, phoenix pearl soap, ganoderma soap, ginseng soap, etc. can be used. A person with delicate skin and allergies can use bee sandalwood soap. Sulfur soap is effective for itching of the skin.

The use of soap is related to the season. In the winter and spring, the amount of soap used by the human body is less; in summer, the secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands is the strongest, and the amount of soap used is 4 to 5 times that of winter and spring. How much soap is used in a day is good for the body? It varies from person to person. In the summer, wash your face with soap once or twice, take a bath once as well; in winter and spring, wash your face with soap once or every other day, and take a bath once a week. For individuals with more oily skin, add a little soap. In addition, when using nutritional soap, therapeutic high-grade soap and medicinal soap, the heart has to be rubbed several times, and the effect is more satisfactory.