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Natural Soap Making Process

Natural Soap Making Process
Here at Simply Soaps, we’ve been following the same manufacturing process for all of our soaps since the very first day we went into business. We’re firm believers in the importance of doing whatever it takes to create products that are superior in every way, which is why we’re proud to say we hand-make every bar of soap ourselves.

We take the promise of 100% organic products extremely seriously, which is why we insist on playing a direct role in the manufacture of everything we sell. We’re never content to just take the word of others for granted and we never outsource anything we can take care of ourselves – Simply Soaps puts its name only to those products that Simply Soaps has made from scratch.

Our passion is reflected in the quality and uniqueness of every soap and skincare product we make – each of which is a genuine labour of love and the result of decades of experience and passion for what we do. As such, every bar of handmade soap from Simply Soaps is so much more than a cleansing bar – it’s an experience to cherish in its own right!

All Natural, All the Way

While we’re not in the habit of giving away our secrets, we’re happy to share with our clients and customers a few insights into what goes on behind the scenes. We’re only happy to call any of our products 100% organic as we know that this is the case, which is why we’re so meticulous when it comes to sourcing the necessary ingredients. Our organic soaps boast an abundance of essential oils, natural exfoliates, natural colours, beneficial herbs and many more wonderfully natural ingredients alike. But what sets Simply Soaps apart from rival brands is our commitment to sourcing only from local suppliers when and where possible.

Our soap bars are made using cold process manufacturing techniques, which minimise the amount of energy that’s needed to create each batch. We do our best to have the lowest possible impact on the environment, which is why we follow a time-old production method that uses more human hands and less machinery. Our passion for what we do means there’s nothing we like more than getting hands-on with the production process, which is why from the combining of the ingredients to the final forming of the soap, everything is taken care of by hand.

We even use solar power for the energy we do require to operate, making us arguably one of the most environmentally soap makers in the world today!

Unique Output

What makes the hands-on approach to soap making so appealing is the way in which it produces final products which are 100% unique each and every time. We firmly believe in the value of genuine one-of-a-kind creations and delight at the thought that no two of our bars will ever be made identical. They have the same content, the same 100% organic makeup and the same wonderfully beneficial properties, but in terms of aesthetics there will always be those very slight and wholly delightful differences.

But what matters so much more than the appearance of our soap bars and even their incredible fragrances is the way they make you feel. By being so meticulous with the manufacturing process, we’re able to ensure that absolutely nothing artificial is able to get anywhere near our products and thus nowhere near your skin. It’s not just the ingredients that count toward a product’s ultimate performance, but also the way in which the ingredients are processed and handled along the way.

At Simply Soaps, we follow a uniquely hands-on natural soap making approach that’s increasingly rarely practiced in the UK today, where mass-production manufacturing techniques have stepped in and impacted quality enormously.