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Soap Making Business


Soap Making Business
This book has been written by Home Business Expert, Kaye Dennan. Kaye has over 30 years in small business, with many of those as a home business owner.

The tips and tricks that you will read in “Soap Making Business” will put you well ahead of your business competitors. It will open your eyes to small business benefits and disadvantages, all of which will give you much more insight into being in business.

By reading this book you will learn important tips on:

• how to make sure that your soap making business is a success
• planning tips for putting together a range of soap to sell
• how to go about selling
• various ways to go about marketing your product either retail or wholesale

Sell, make a profit and enjoy your home soap making business.

Shopping for business insurance

A business insurance policy also offers a margin of safety for anybody retailing your products. In fact, many large stores and established craft shows may require proof of insurance. Having business insurance shows professionalism, responsibly and gives the impression that you are serious about your craft (and that you’re in the business to stay). If there is another soaper that you’re competing with for an account and they have insurance and you don’t (and they use that as a selling point), all things equal, who do you think is going to get the account?

What should you look for when shopping for insurance? First of all, look at your salesperson. DO they understand what you are doing? Do they ask questions to best determine your needs? When they start to sound like a used-car salesperson and promise you the moon, it’s time to walk out the door. Insurance companies are some of the wealthiest companies in the word; you’re doing them a favor by letting them underwrite your policy. Don’t be intimidated. If you’re not comfortable with your insurance agent or what they’re telling you, at least get a second quote from a different insurance agency. You owe it to yourself, your company and your retailers.
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