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Soap varieties

1.Laundry soap

Laundry soap, or ordinary soap, refers specifically to bulk soap used for laundry. Most of these soap sales are made from sclerosing oil, lard, beef, and mutton oil, other animal and vegetable oils, sodium hydroxide and auxiliary materials, and contain the proper amount of rosin to enhance foam stability.

The color and odor of laundry soap vary with the raw materials used, usually light yellow. High-quality laundry soap is compact, durable, light in color, translucent and fragrant; medium and low-grade soap is dark yellow, brown and gray, with more moisture and shrinkage after drying; poor or even deformed or with bad odor.


2.Toilet soap

The main component of soap is also high-grade fatty acid salt, which is similar to the soap production process.

Soap is mainly used for hand washing, face washing, and bathing. The difference in processing technology between laundry soap and soap is that laundry soap is treated with alkali, while soap is treated with salt to reduce free alkali, and low alkali content is less irritating to the skin. On the basis of decontamination function, soap introduces the ingredients of skincare and health care function and adds bactericidal and bacteriostatic ingredients, whitening ingredients and moisturizing ingredients in the finishing process to form various characteristics. It can also adjust the composition to suit the needs of dry, neutral and oily skin.


3.Bath soap

Bath soap is used for bathing. The raw materials and preparation method are basically the same as soap, but more disinfectants such as boric acid are added.


4.Medicinal soap

The raw material and manufacture of soap are basically the same as laundry soap, except that naphthol, tribromosalicyaniline and other medicines are added as disinfectants and fungicides, which are suitable for hospital disinfection and washing.


5.Transparent soap

Transparent soap is made of general soap base, which is strictly controlled by water content, free alkali content, processing temperature and so on. It has the characteristics of small alkalinity, high solubility, and rich foam. It can be used for washing silk and wool fabrics, and can also be used instead of soap.