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How harmful is the detergent to the environment

Detergent powder is mainly composed of surfactant and detergent. The role of the additive is to improve the detergency of the surfactant. It is divided into two types: phosphorous assistant and phosphorus-free assistant. The laundry powder is divided into phosphorus-containing laundry powder and phosphorus-free laundry powder. Phosphorus-containing laundry powder uses phosphate as the main auxiliary agent, while phosphorus-free laundry powder is used to replace phosphate with 4A zeolite to take the role of phosphate-generating auxiliary agent. The phosphorus of the phosphorus-containing laundry powder is not harmful, but after the washing sewage is discharged into the rivers and lakes, the phosphorus content in the water will be increased, the water quality will become eutrophic, and various algae plants will multiply wildly. After death and corruption of these aquatic organisms, a large amount of toxic and toxic gases such as methane, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia will be released, which will make the water turbid and odorous, and the water body will be deprived of oxygen, which will cause all aquatic organisms such as fish, shrimp, and shellfish in the water to die, causing rivers and lakes to change. It will become standing water and seriously affect the surrounding ecological environment. Phosphorus pollution has the most obvious impact on the still water lakes of Wuxi Taihu Lake, Hangzhou West Lake, Kunming Dianchi Lake, and even reaches an alarming level. Taking Taihu Lake as an example, 600,000 tons of phosphorus were deposited on the bottom of the lake, of which 160,000 tons came from washing wastewater dumped by surrounding residents.