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Soap Making Molds

Soap Making Molds
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Soap making molds come in a somewhat overwhelming amount of styles, shapes and sizes. Your mixture has finally reached saponification and you’re ready for the final step of creating the actual bars. So, What do you use to create the soap’s shape and complete your work of art?

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There are seemingly endless possibilities of how you can make your finished product look. That’s all part of the fun! On this page, my goal is to let you know each of your options for shaping soaps into personal masterpieces and let you in on some tips for this stage in the soap making process. Click on each blue link for a more detailed explanation on that particular soap molding method.

The first method, is purchasing pre-made individual soap making molds. This is a great place to start for beginners because it avoids any type of cutting or beveling and is also great for small batches. All you do is pour the soap into the mold, let it set, and pop out a perfectly formed bar of soap.

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