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Stainless Steel Soap

 The principle of stainless steel soap deodorization is basically decomposed. When the stainless steel alloy is in contact with air and water molecules at the same time, a catalytic action is generated, and the molecular structure of the odor is decomposed and “reduced” into an odorless state. The stainless steel material is rubbed against the object by a specially polished frosted surface, and the released iron ions combine with the odor molecules to achieve an astringent effect. Stainless steel soaps are usually “half into the water and half exposed to the air.” When using for the first time, it takes 5 hours – 6 hours to wait for normal work. Effective use can last for 3 to 5 years.

It is understood that the invention of stainless steel soap is an inadvertent inspiration. The engineers of the stainless steel factory found that they were contaminated with heavy oily hands and washed their hands with stainless steel alloy parts to effectively remove the odor in their hands.

In general, the traditional way to eliminate odor is to cover, such as a fragrance, which is to cover the odor with another taste, and can not truly eliminate the odor; the adsorption deodorant can no longer function after reaching a saturation level for a period of time.

Most people know that the knife made of stainless steel has no odor when cutting vegetables. No matter whether it is cut garlic or onion, the smell will not remain on the knife. Tests have shown that several stainless steel soaps of good quality are washed in cold water for 30 seconds. On average, about 80% of the onion, fishy and garlic flavors can be removed. If the hands are smelly, wash 3 After a minute, the odorous oil concentration will drop to 15%, and after 9 minutes, there will be a scent of 10%.

The difference in the surface structure of stainless steel determines whether it can effectively deodorize. Because there are many types of stainless steel, the uses, ingredients and manufacturing methods are different. Many of the premium stainless steel soaps are made from patented, specially formulated stainless steel alloys that are of the same grade as the scalpel, as well as special high-tech solid construction and precision surface threads. It can be seen that not all stainless steel can effectively remove odor. In addition, the main function of stainless steel soap is to remove odor, no disinfection, so it can not replace traditional soap.

After development, there are no fewer than 10 German manufacturers of stainless steel soap. Companies also use high-grade stainless steel to make other products, such as stainless steel chewing gum that can eliminate odor in the mouth, and stainless steel insoles that remove foot odor.


  1. Rinse the steel soap with both hands and rinse with live water for 30-60 seconds. Remove all odors without any detergent;
  2. The wet towel (or half of the steel soap soaked in the water bowl) can also be used as a deodorizer in the refrigerator, and can be deodorized in the kitchen and bathroom;
  3. Note: Please do not burn, boil water, violent dismantling and directly rubbing tableware, etc., you can wipe the tableware with a wet towel or soak for half a time with the tableware, rinse with live water to remove the odor of the tableware;
  4. It can adsorb and decompose the toxic gas molecules such as formaldehyde in the decoration room, soak half of the stainless steel soap in the water bowl and put it in the renovated room;
  5. You can remove the smell of the pet’s nest, soak half of the stainless steel soap in the water bowl and put it near the pet’s nest;
  6. You can remove the odor, and wipe the body with a wet towel when taking a bath;
  7. It is possible to remove the stinky foot and wash the feet with a wet towel?
  8. It can remove most of the odors such as medicine, disinfection, banknote, gasoline, and diesel. The method of use must be combined with water. The service life can be decades long, and one purchase will benefit in the long run.

Since the advent of stainless steel soap, the German media has been very interested in this new product. In addition to reporting its magical side, many media have questioned it. The Pictorial also carried out a comprehensive stainless steel soap together with the German Commodity Testing Foundation. Inspection. The test results show that nearly half of the product quality is not enough.

Dr. Ma Liheng from the German Consumers Association also told reporters that stainless steel soap sales in Germany are not large, consumer awareness is less than 30%, users are mostly young. The reporter randomly asked a few people in the Rosenman supermarket used stainless steel Consumers of soap, they all said that they can go to the smell, but there is no such thing as an advertisement.

Nowadays, German stainless steel soap and other products are sold in dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, France, Japan, etc., in addition to sales in German specialty stores, grocery stores and online stores. It is reported that all stainless steel soaps entering the market have to go through The German Food and Consumer Quality Supervision Center tests and complies with the German Food and Consumer Products Act. However, in China, German stainless steel soap is rare, because Germany is unable to obtain a “passport” for export to China.